Recap of the 2014 Legislative Session

May 8, 2014 —Senate Democratic Leaders praise the State Senate for its approval of a variety of issues aimed at improving the lives of Connecticut residents.

  • The legislature has passed a 10-year plan to provide 50,000 children with a high-quality early education and set the state on a path toward universal pre-k.

  • New legislation will impose new fines and penalties for reckless motorists who seriously injure or kill pedestrians and other users of public way. These “vulnerable users” include pedestrians, highway workers, cyclists, a person operating an agricultural tractor or farm implement, a blind person and his or her service animal, and others.

  • Senate Votes to Increase Protections for Electric Consumers

    With bipartisan support, the Senate passed greatly strengthened consumer protection measures for residential electric customers.

    “When customers shop for electric service, they should know exactly what is being offered and what their current rate and terms are. This bill will make that information available on customer’s monthly bills, in periodic reminders, online and in advertising materials.”
    Senator Bob Duff

  • Aerospace Investment

    The Senate has given bipartisan support to an agreement with United Technologies under which the company will make investments to upgrade and expand its aerospace r&d and manufacturing facilities in Connecticut over the next five years—impacting 75,000 jobs in the state.

  • Consumer Protections

    The Senate has recently passed three bills that will protect the rights and privacy of Connecticut consumers. The legislation will strengthen Connecticut’s “Do Not Call List,” protect consumers from fraudulent prepaid heating plans, protect the privacy rights of consumers and increase transparency in debit card transactions.

  • $10.10 - Connecticut's minimum wage comes closer to becoming a living wage

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