Senator Daugherty Abrams Appointed to Committee to Oversee 2021 Redistricting in Connecticut

HARTFORD, CT – State Senator Mary Daugherty Abrams (D-Meriden, Middlefield, Rockfall, Middletown, Cheshire) was appointed by Senate President Pro Tempore Martin Looney (D-New Haven) to serve on the bipartisan Reapportionment Committee charged with the responsibility of redrawing Connecticut’s legislative and congressional districts. Sen. Abrams joins state Senator Doug McCrory (D-Hartford) as one of Sen. Looney’s two designees.

"I am grateful to Sen. Looney for this appointment and eager to serve on this important committee," said Sen. Daugherty Abrams. "Redistricting greatly impacts equity of access in voting and, as we witnessed in 2020, the importance of voting ease and access are integral to our democracy. I look forward to working with my colleagues to ensure voting in Connecticut remains a fair, straight-forward and equal process across the state and to identifying areas, through redistricting, in which voting can be made more equitable."

“The redistricting process is an indispensable part of ensuring the legislature represents the voices of the people of Connecticut,” said Sen. Looney. “I am pleased to name Sen. Daugherty Abrams to the committee and trust her in her dedication to upholding the principal of one person, one vote.”

The eight-person committee is an integral component of a multi-month process outlined by the Connecticut Constitution. Committee members, chosen by the four top legislative leaders and appointed by the governor, will use data from the 2020 Census in redrawing district lines. The committee is expected to prepare and submit a districting plan to the Connecticut General Assembly for their approval.

The redrawing of districts to ensure that everyone’s vote has equal importance is part of a process that takes place in each state of the nation.

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