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Senator Anwar Testifies in Favor of Legislation Supporting East Windsor


HARTFORD, CT - Today, State Senator Saud Anwar (D-East Windsor) testified in front of the Government Administration & Elections Committee in support of legislation that would assist the town of East Windsor. In the event a state-run facility currently operated by the state was to cease operation, the legislation would convey that facility’s land to the town of East Windsor.

Sen. Anwar testified to support Raised Bill No. 1124, “An Act Concerning the Conveyance of a Parcel of State Land in the Town of East Windsor and Any Improvements on Said Parcel.” This legislation proposes that the Commissioner of Children and Families would convey the property of 36 Gardner Street in East Windsor to the town at a cost equal to that conveyance’s administrative costs. That address, with an area of 24.45 acres, would be granted to East Windsor in return, for it to be developed into a municipal services complex under the language of the legislation. The land is currently the north campus of the Albert J. Solnit Children’s Center, a psychiatric residential treatment facility for teenage males.

In testimony given Monday, Sen. Anwar said the town of East Windsor submitted a questionnaire indicating interest in obtaining the property, and he supported the request. “In the case of this facility’s closure for any reason, the Town of East Windsor should be given first priority in the acquisition of the property for use as a municipal services complex, provided they are in a good financial position to do so,” he said.







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