Sen. Bye Voices Support for Student Access to Financial Aid

At a public hearing today in the Legislative Office Building, state Senator Beth Bye (D-West Hartford) voiced her support for a bill that would allow undocumented students who are accepted at state universities to apply for the college financial aid that their student tuition and fees help fund.

“It’s not fair the way the financial aid program is structured right now. It’s not fair that students who pay into a fund don’t have to access to that same fund. The bill we heard today will fix that,” Sen. Bye said. “I am so proud to stand with Connecticut students on this issue. We want these students in Connecticut, we want them enrolled in Connecticut universities and learning and enhancing our state’s workforce."

Today, the Higher Education and Employment Committee heard several hours of public testimony in support of House Bill 5031, “An Act Equalizing Access to Student-Generated Financial Aid.” Sen. Bye serves as Senate Co-Chair of that committee.

Beginning in the fall semester of 2019, the bill would make undocumented students eligible to apply for and receive the student financial aid that is set aside at that college or university. The student would also be required to submit an affidavit stating that they have filed an application to legalize their immigration status.

The bill will likely be scheduled for a committee vote later this session. While more than 60 people testified in support of the bill today, no one testified in opposition.

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