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Senator Cassano Continues to Fight for Access to Birth Records by Adult Adopted Persons as Public Hearing Scheduled Wednesday

State Senator Steve Cassano (D-Manchester) continues to fight against discrimination and red tape as the Planning and Development Committee on Wednesday will hold a public hearing on legislation including House Bill 6105, "An Act Concerning Access To Original Birth Certificates By Adult Adopted Persons."

This legislation, which Senator Cassano has championed for years, would allow people who were adopted to obtain their original birth records, ending decades of their denial of important, sometimes life-impacting access to their own histories and information. It would amend state statutes to allow all adopted individuals, and their children and grandchildren, to obtain their original birth certificates.

Current state law says only individuals born or adopted after Oct. 1, 1983 can access their original birth certificates. Individuals born or adopted before that date are barred from accessing those records. There are more than 38,000 Connecticut residents who were adopted and were born before 1983.

“It’s plainly unfair that some individuals can access their birth records, while others cannot,” said Sen. Cassano. “This bill represents an opportunity for Connecticut to right this wrong and provide thousands of individuals with knowledge and information they deserve to know.”

This issue was previously raised in the General Assembly in 2017, 2018 and 2019 but was not enacted, despite wide bipartisan appeal. At least seven other states have passed similar legislation, including Rhode Island, Maine and New Hampshire.

“By accessing these records, adopted persons wouldn’t just have the comfort of knowing their heritage and origins,” Sen. Cassano said. “They would also be able to learn important information about potential medical problems. Considering individuals barred are currently between the ages of 37 and 76, this bill could even potentially save lives if serious medical issues are able to be prevented or proactively treated.”

“Access to these records is a civil right,” Sen. Cassano continued. “For these individuals to be barred from finding out the same information the rest of us can easily see is an oversight that harms thousands of people, effectively discriminating against those affected through no wrongdoing of their own.”

“I’m dedicated to helping these people receive the information they deserve to have,” Sen. Cassano said. “I’m hopeful that we can finally push this legislation through this year and grant them the knowledge they’re currently deprived of.”

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