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Steve Cassano

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Senate Passes the Connecticut Clean Air Act

Today, the State Senate passed Senate Bill 4, also known as the Connecticut Clean Air Act, in an overarching and detailed effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and push Connecticut toward a greener and healthier future. As the transportation sector and industry represent Connecticut's single-largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions, this legislation will support cleaner air, reduced pollution and bolster the state's response to climate change. State Senator Steve Cassano (D-Manchester) joined the Senate in voting to approve.

"We need to protect our future generations and preserve the quality of air in Connecticut, not just today but for decades to come," said Sen. Cassano. "Senate Bill 4 does that. By moving to vehicles with cleaner emissions and focusing on cutting down on transportation pollution, we address Connecticut's single largest creator of those emissions. I'm encouraged by our progress on this vital issue today."

Senate Bill 4 updates Connecticut's efforts to go green in ways including:

  • Emphasizing the state's efforts to shift to electric vehicles by regulating that by 2026, at least 50% of cars and light trucks purchased by the state will be alternative-fueled, hybrid electric or plug-in electric vehicles, with that rate rising to 100% by 2030.
  • Ending the purchase or lease of any diesel-fueled transit bus, shifting to electric buses for public transportation, in the state beginning in 2024.
  • Installing electric vehicle charging stations across the state, with existing standards for installation being simplified, installation emphasizing access and use across the state and future state facilities including schools being constructed with electric charging stations in mind.
  • Overhauling the CHEAPR electric vehicle rebate systems, with changes made including increases to available rebate amounts, increases to the cap on vehicle prices eligible for rebates, increases to low-income electric vehicle rebates and expansion of rebate eligibility to include business fleets and electric bicycles. Rebates and vouchers will be prioritized to residents of environmental justice communities, residents with household incomes at or below 300% of federal poverty levels and residents participating in state and federal assistance programs.
    • Municipalities, businesses, nonprofit organizations or tribal entities can receive electric vehicle rebates through CHEAPR to purchase electric vehicles or replace current fleets with electric-powered ones.
    • CHEAPR will provide rebates for purchases of electric bicycles valued at up to $3,000 not less than $500.
  • The state will invest in a matching grant program supporting municipalities modernizing traffic signal equipment and operations to ensure that equipment matches modern traffic flow and demand, seeking to significantly reduce emissions caused by traffic and idling.
  • The state will create regulations and methodologies to ensure transportation projects increasing greenhouse gases offset such emissions by undertaking greenhouse gas mitigation transportation projects including, but not limited to, improving public transit, constructing bikeways, pedestrian walkways and more.
  • The legislation recognizes the historic federal infrastructure legislation and includes state bond funds to leverage these federal dollars for our local communities to transition hundreds of diesel school buses to electric buses.
  • The state will adopt medium- and heavy-duty motor vehicle standards adopted by California, seeking to heavily reduce emissions from vehicles responsible for some of the state's highest rates of greenhouse gases. In doing so it will create a voucher program to transition to cleaner electric vehicles and plan transportation projects to offset emissions.






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