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Photo of Senator Steve Cassano.


Steve Cassano

Advocating for Common-Sense Solutions

A Bipartisan Budget

With our state facing tough fiscal challenges, Democrats and Republicans put aside our differences, came together and compromised to pass a bipartisan budget that moves Connecticut forward. This budget reflects some difficult choices but I believe this agreement is fair, draws upon the best ideas and compromises from both political parties, and represents the priorities of Connecticut residents.

Protects Taxpayers & Businesses

  • Does NOT raise income tax rates
  • Does NOT raise sales tax rates
  • Does NOT raise business or corporate tax rates

Invests in Our Economy

  • Invests in the innovation economy through competitive grants to reenvision our urban centers and grow jobs
  • Supports our local manufacturers and job training programs
  • Invests in new and growing small businesses
  • Builds our emerging bioscience and green energy industries

Budget Cuts & Long-Term Changes

  • Cuts over $1 billion from the state budget
  • Makes important structural changes resulting in significant long-term savings
  • Caps state spending and borrowing
  • Pays down state‚Äôs old debts and pensions
  • Institutes a state hiring freeze

Prioritizes Students & Education

  • Protects UConn, community colleges, and other state universities from devastating cuts
  • Maintains a strong level of local education funding to ensure that our schools remain among the best in the nation

Crumbling Foundation Relief

  • Provides grants and low interest loans for homeowners with crumbling concrete foundations
  • Puts fair procedures and processes in place to repair and restore crumbling foundations with strong oversight protections