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Photo of Senator Steve Cassano.


Steve Cassano

Advocating for Common-Sense Solutions

Protecting Net Neutrality in Connecticut

This week, I and my fellow Democratic legislators addressed the media to share our thoughts on proposed bills about the issue of net neutrality. We believe that net neutrality is an integral protection for consumers against telecommunication and broadband companies.

VIDEO: Net Nuetrality

When net neutrality was adopted during the Obama administration in 2015, it fostered an atmosphere of freedom and openness on the internet.

Since the Republican-controlled FCC repealed the Obama-era rules at the end of 2017, they have also left a massive void of protection for consumers. Telecommunications companies and broadband networks have taken advantage of this by manipulating and/or discriminating the transfer of data and information that consumers receive.

The internet should be one place where you can access, search, and view whatever you want without doubt that the information you are viewing is being filtered, redirected, or manipulated by these telecommunication and broadband networks trying to fill their pockets in various ways, including aggressive advertisements.

Connecticut has taken action by proposing a multitude of bills in order to protect our constituents against the calculated tactics of telecommunications and broadband giants.