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News from State Senator Paul Doyle

March 2012

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Growing Jobs in Connecticut

JobsAlthough we passed a historic bipartisan Jobs Bill last fall, there is still more work to be done to protect and grow jobs, help small businesses expand and boost the state and local economy. One of my top priorities during this legislative session is to pass a five-point jobs plan.

The jobs plan includes:

  • Expanding the definition of a small business from 50 to 100 employees to make thousands of new businesses eligible for jobs programs created during the October special session.
  • Helping post-9/11 veterans land jobs by expanding the state’s Step Up program to offer grants to businesses that hire veterans returning from overseas.
  • Launching a “Connecticut Made” marketing campaign to spur growth of local retail and manufacturing businesses.
  • Preventing discrimination against the unemployed by prohibiting employers from discriminating in advertising against job applicants simply because they do not have a job.
  • Establishing a “Connecticut Treasures” program to promote our state’s educational and tourist destinations.

Protecting Consumers from
Price Gouging

Senator Doyle videoAs Senate chairman of the General Law Committee, I will be overseeing a number of important consumer protection bills this session. With last year’s devastating hurricane and winter storms still all too fresh in our memories, our proposed legislation would extend protection from price-gouging for weather-related services and emergency lodging in the event of a severe storm. Services covered by the bill include snow removal, flood abatement services, lodging and post-storm clean-up or repair services.

Other consumer protection proposals we are considering this session:

  • Banning the sale of personal tracking Global Positioning System (GPS) devices. Unlike the devices used by motorists, these small devices can be secretly attached by an individual to another person’s car without the driver’s knowledge or consent, allowing that vehicle’s movements to be tracked by the perpetrator.
  • A law that would stop the unnecessary collection of Social Security numbers by private businesses, unless a Social Security number is required by law.
  • Requiring businesses to provide explicit notification when an introductory rate or trial period is about to expire and automatically renew. The law would apply to short-term contracts, such as subscriptions for magazines or online services.

Good News About Manufacturing
Jobs in the State

JobsA new analysis of Connecticut’s 2011 labor market shows that state manufacturing companies advertised 22,680 manufacturing job openings last year, an indication that Connecticut’s traditional manufacturing base is alive and well. That is fantastic news for our state.

The Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness of Arlington, Virginia and the UMass Donahue Institute of Hadley, Massachusetts analyzed more than a quarter-million Web-advertised job openings posted by Connecticut employers from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 2011. They found that nearly 23,000 of those advertisements were for state manufacturing jobs.

Now it is up to us to keep that momentum going. Our jobs bill from last October and proposed new legislation this session will help small businesses expand and boost the state and local economies. Last month, I welcomed news that local manufacturer GKN Aerospace of Cromwell was awarded a 10-year, $2 million forgivable loan from the state Department of Economic and Community Development. The loan will enable GKN Aerospace, a manufacturer of engine parts for military and civilian aviation, to expand its facility in Cromwell and hire new workers. GKN plans to hire 60 people in the next three years and more workers in succeeding years.



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