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Capitol News from State Senator Bob Duff

January 2010 Issue

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In this edition of my Capitol News, you’ll find information about Connecticut’s retail laws. I also provide information about how you can sign up for my e-mail flag notification service and about my recent letter to Scripps Networks about their decision to stop broadcasting HGTV and the Food Network to Cablevision customers.


Connecticut’s Retail Laws Can Help Consumers Save

gift card scannerIn Connecticut, consumers have a number of tools available to make sure that they’re getting the most for their money, but it’s crucial that shoppers are aware of the laws, know how they operate and know how to make them work.

For example, we have laws that prohibit expiration dates and inactivity fees on gift cards, except those issued by federally chartered banks. We also have regulations regarding rain checks and posted pricing in retail stores.

Not sure if you’ve been charged properly? Have a dispute with a store over a price or a policy? The state Department of Consumer Protection works to ensure fair and equitable practices in Connecticut’s marketplaces. For more information or for consumer-related questions, the department can be reached toll-free 1-800-342-2649.

HGTV and Food Network Are Back

TV Food Network showThankfully, as of Thursday evening, both channels are on the air. I heard from many constituents who were angry and upset, which is why I wrote to the CEO of Scripps Networks on behalf of those who have been directly affected by the loss of the two popular channels.

Cable television customers were the innocent bystanders in a battle between local service provider Cablevision and Scripps Networks over the airing of both HGTV and the Food Network. Hopefully, the letter to Scripps and the conversations with Cablevision on your behalf put some pressure on both sides to produce an agreement. Bon appétit.

Personal Notification of Flag Status Change

Connecticut flag at half mastWhen we, as a state or as a nation, suffer a painful loss, we honor the fallen with the lowering of the flag. While both the president and the governor can order the lowering of the American flag to half-staff, only the governor can lower the state flag. The governor changes the flag status with any loss of a soldier suffered by the state.

Unfortunately, with so many of our servicemen and women still fighting oversees, our flag is moving quite often, and Connecticut residents may not always know what the status of the flag is and when they should be moving their own flag to and from half-staff.

Since in 2007, I’ve provided personal e-mailed flag status notices to constituents who would like a reminder of the state’s honor to our fallen to help take away the confusion of Connecticut’s changing flag status. To sign up for this free service, please e-mail me or call 860-240-0414. This mailing list is separate and will only ever be used for flag status notifications. 


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