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Photo of Senator Bob Duff.


Bob Duff

Standing Up For You!

For the first time since 1893, the Connecticut State Senate was evenly divided with 18 Democrats and 18 Republicans. This historic tie presented senators from both parties with a number of new and unforeseen challenges.

Despite these challenges, Democrats and Republicans put partisanship aside and worked together to pass a balanced state budget, make significant investments in transportation, provide critical funding to our schools, and combat the scourge of the opioid crisis.

But the tie in the Senate also led to a number of my priorities failing to become law.

Unfortunately, the Senate failed to pass:

  • an earned family medical leave law, which helps families take time off to care for loved ones without facing financial ruin
  • an increase in the minimum wage, so people doing an honest day’s work can earn a better living
  • tuition-free community college, so every student can get the skills they need to secure a good-paying job

Working for our future is a full-time job, and it’s one that I’m committed to. Please feel free to contact me anytime.

Investing in Transportation

District Wide

I reversed fare increases, stopped cuts to train and bus service, and restored funding to rebuild our roads and bridges.

Advancing Pay Equity

District Wide

It is well past time that Connecticut ensures that women are paid the wages they deserve. Connecticut women working full time are paid 83 cents for every dollar paid to men working full time. Under this new law, employers will be prohibited from asking prospective employees about their previous wages, as evidence shows women disproportionately carry lower salaries from one job to the next.

Fighting for Earned Family Medical Leave

This year, I fought for an earned family medical leave. While we were unable to achieve passage, I continue to believe these important economic issues are critical for working families. Too many families are living paycheck to paycheck and have no good options when faced with serious family needs such as caring for a newborn, a spouse, or parents. We must do better.

Protecting Essential Health Care

This year, I championed a new law that protects and expands upon everyone’s access to basic health care for themselves and their children. This means that regardless of what happens in Washington, D.C., more people in Connecticut will be covered by essential health benefits that include prescription birth control, ambulance and emergency services, maternity and newborn health care, and mental health and substance use disorder services.

Fighting for Net Neutrality

I fought for legislation to counter the Trump Administration’s repeal of net neutrality. The bill passed the State Senate on a 18-18 party line vote but unfortunately never passed the House of Representatives. If the bill had become law, Connecticut would have adopted its own internet consumer protections by prohibiting internet service providers from throttling consumer internet speeds, blocking certain websites or imposing prioritization pricing. I strongly believe a fair, open and accessible internet is a critical issue for Connecticut residents.

March for Gun Reform

District Wide

I hosted a march for gun reform in Norwalk with students from across the area to join the thousands across the country and say enough is enough. Our students who spoke and organized this rally are rock stars. Their words, passion and leadership are inspiring. Together we are committed to safer communities free of gun violence.

Protect the Sound, Protect Our Jobs

District Wide

I was pleased to join local oysterman Norm Bloom on a tour of Long Island Sound oyster beds and discussed recent environmental protection efforts.

Fighting for DREAMers

District Wide

I joined students from Norwalk High School in successfully expanding access to institutional financial aid for Connecticut college students who were brought to this country as children.

Supporting Seniors & Funding the Medicare Savings Program

District Wide

I restored funding to Connecticut’s Medicare Savings Program that supports over 150,000 seniors.

Local Updates

Senator Looney.

Congratulations to the Silvermine Community Association on the unveiling of your new sign at the “four corners” as my grandmother called it. A great effort by many.

Senator Looney.

Great job Frank Mancini on the excellent turnout at the second Fairfield County Business Exchange. This event enables entrepreneurs and business leaders to meet in a relaxed atmosphere and make the necessary connections to help their company grow. I’m sure many are looking forward to the third.