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Photo of Senator Terry Gerratana.


Terry Gerratana

Healthy Families, Healthy Communities

A Bipartisan Budget

With our state facing tough fiscal challenges, Democrats and Republicans put aside our differences, came together and compromised to pass a bipartisan budget that moves Connecticut forward. This budget reflects some difficult choices but I believe this agreement is fair, draws upon the best ideas and compromises from both political parties, and represents the priorities of Connecticut residents.

Protects Our Communities

  • Protects our cities and towns from painful cuts to services and education
  • Rejects numerous bad ideas to take funding from cities and move it to wealthy suburbs
  • Protects working families by rolling back Republican cuts to the Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Maintains the car tax cuts that benefit cities

Invest in Our Economy

  • Invests in the innovation economy through competitive grants which enable our cities to reenvision our urban centers and grow jobs
  • Supports our local manufacturers and job training programs
  • Invests in small businesses that look to start and grow in local communities
  • Builds our bioscience industry where the future of our economy lies

Protects Students & Education

  • Protects CCSU, UConn, and other state universities from devastating cuts
  • Maintains a strong level of local education funding to ensure that our schools remain among the best in the nation
  • Creates a new state education funding formula that will shift funding to towns
  • Protects college scholarships for low-and middle-income students

Defends Progressive Policies

  • Protects dedicated state funds for women and minority-owned businesses to work on state and local projects
  • Preserves Connecticut’s clean elections program which keeps dark money out of our politics
  • Maintains our commitments to energy efficiency and jobs in the emerging green energy economy
  • Funds programs for people with developmental disabilities