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Photo of Senator Ed Gomes.


Ed Gomes


If you're not for workers, don't come to me

Last Friday, state legislators heard public testimony on 96 bills before the Appropriations Committee, all of which concern state employee pay and benefits.

The vast majority of these bills, proposed primarily by Republican legislators, attack rights for teachers, firefighters and other public sector employees.

I joined my House colleagues at a press conference last week to condemn these bills. Here's what I said:

Video of Senator Gomes

"This is an attack on workers. Is anybody allowed to make a living? These people have given so much back, it is unbelievable. We live in the richest county in the whole country. We have 17 billionaires in this state and (thousands) of millionaires, who is attacking them?"

"I come straight out of a factory; I worked in a steel mill. I've got 54 years of the labor movement (under my belt) and I'm not about to turn around and change and do something different. If you're not for workers, don't come to me."

As co-chairman of the Labor & Public Employees Committee, I will continue to fight for our public employees who bargained in good faith and don't deserve to have their benefits taken away.

The deadline for Appropriations Committee action on all bills is April 27.