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Photo of Senator Ed Gomes.


Ed Gomes


Trump Cuts Will Hurt Seniors, Kids, Vets in Bridgeport

This week we rallied in Bridgeport to protest against proposed federal budget cuts that will decimate programs deeply depended upon by children, senior citizens, and veterans in our city.

Rallying against Trump's cuts

President Donald Trump's budget proposal would eliminate the Community Development Block Grant program and HOME Investment Partnership Program, which provide about $47 million to Connecticut alone.

These cuts will hurt cities and towns across the state that deeply rely on these programs, including Bridgeport.

Even the very bleachers we protested on at the Cardinal Shehan Center in Bridgeport were funded by the federal dollars that would be cut under Trump's proposal. The Shehan Center, which serves 4,500 children each year, has received about $1.3 million over the last 23 years.

CDBG funds also provide vital support to the McGivney Center, the Burroughs Community Center, the Caribe League baseball teams and other Bridgeport-based programs.

I am proud to stand up for our community and let our voices heard against these federal budget cuts.

Standing up for Dreamers

Last week we rallied at the State Capitol to demand equal access to higher education funding for undocumented students, some of whom don't discover their status until they apply for college and find they are ineligible for federal and state financial aid.

Rallying With the Dreamers

There are currently two bills, Senate Bill 17 and House Bill 7000, both aimed at allowing students to have equal access to institutional financial aid.

Connecticut has some 85,000 undocumented students. We must support them in their fight for education equity.