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Ted Kennedy, Jr.

Listening to You

Fighting for Paid Family Medical Leave

No one should have to choose between caring for a loved one or keeping their job. Paid family leave is especially important for people with disabilities and their families. Parents of children with disabilities have numerous demands on their schedules, which is why paid family leave is one of the most important disability rights issues. This year I will fight to pass legislation ensuring that Connecticut residents can earn paid family medical leave.

paid family leave

Ensuring Equal Work Earns Equal Pay

Connecticut women working full-time jobs are paid 83 cents for every dollar paid to their male counterparts. This absurd discrepancy harms working women and families, and a solution is long overdue. This year, I plan on sponsoring and fighting for the passage that puts this pay discrepancy to an end.

equal pay

Earlier this week, I joined many of my colleagues in the General Assembly to pledge our support for this and other issues ensuring fair treatment of women in the workplace. We will ensure these bills receive a debate on the floor and a vote. I will keep you informed as the bills progress through the legislative process.

Building the Infrastructure of Connecticut's Future

There is no more surefire way to invest in our state's economy and job growth than to improve our roads, bridges, rail and bus lines. Connecticut's infrastructure has deteriorated over the years, and it is time we rebuild it with a focus on the kind of transit-oriented development that attract millennials and entrepreneurs to our cities. Connecticut is in an ongoing economic competition against New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. In order to gain an edge in that competition, we need to modernize transportation in our state.

Addressing the Skills Gap

Another critical part of our infrastructure is our education system. I will be working alongside my colleagues to assess our state colleges, universities and technical schools and help better align their educational offerings with the needs of Connecticut employers. Companies like Pratt & Whitney, Electric Boat and Sikorsky have announced that they intend to hire thousands of new people in the coming years. By better aligning our education system, we can ensure that it is Connecticut students filling those jobs.