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Photo of Senator Tim Larson.


Tim Larson

Getting Results

East Hartford Students Fight for Gun Safety

gun safety

This week, I visited East Hartford High School to meet with seniors in the AP Human Rights class and discuss legislation regarding gun safety, bump stocks and mental health.

This class has been extremely active all year in raising awareness about gun safety. They even planned a school’s walk-out and “March for Our Lives” rally to call on government officials to pass common-sense gun reform policies to make schools safer. Earlier this year, the students wrote letters to their elected officials, myself included, in which they expressed their ideas on how to address some of these issues.

I was pleased to give the students some good news; the Connecticut legislature passed a new law banning the sale of bump stocks. However, the students and I both agreed that more can be done to make our community safer.

I was excited to see how passionate this group of young leaders is about making a difference in our community. It gave me a boost of hope for a better, safer future for Connecticut.

Bump Stock Ban Signed into Law

This week, the governor signed a new law that bans the sale and possession of bump stocks in our state. Bump stocks are devices that transform the firing mechanism of a semi-automatic weapon into a weapon that fires like a fully automatic weapon; a bump stock was used in the Las Vegas shooting, where the shooter was able to fire an estimated 90 shots in 10 seconds. It also makes the weapon less accurate.

Connecticut has some of the strongest gun laws (and one of the lowest gun death rates) in the nation. Banning these bump stocks will make our state an even safer place where people want to raise their families.