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News from State Senator Carlo Leone

February 2012

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A New Legislative Session

The 2012 Session of the General Assembly began on February 8th, and will run until May 9th. There are many issues that must be addressed, and I am eager to get to work.

JobsJob creation and economic growth remain my top priorities, even as the bipartisan Jobs Bill passed last October begins to take effect. Another major issue this year will be education reform and efforts to close the achievement gap between Connecticut’s richest and poorest students.

What issues are most important to you? Please don’t hesitate to contact me to express your views on what should be addressed in Hartford this year.

All the best,

Sen. Leone

Employing Our Veterans

Senator Leone videoAs Chair of the Veterans’ Affairs Committee, I am deeply concerned by the high unemployment rate among US Military veterans today.

National labor statistics report an 11.5 percent unemployment rate among all veterans—over 2 percent higher than the regular rate. In addition, 20 percent of veterans under age 25 are unemployed.

To help address this problem, I voted for legislation in October that will provide employers with a tax credit of $900/month for every veteran they hire. Companies with 50-100 employees must first hire five new workers before qualifying for the credit. Companies with over 100 employees must first hire 10 workers.

The federal government is also helping out with a Wounded Warriors Tax Credit of up to $9,600 that will increase existing tax credits for firms that hire veterans with service-connected disabilities who have been unemployed six months or longer.

The federal Returning Heroes Tax Credit also provides up to $5,600 directly to veterans who have been unemployed six months or longer.

Both federal tax credits apply to veterans who began work for their employer after November 21, 2011.

I am optimistic that taken together, these three initiatives will help achieve a substantial reduction in veteran unemployment. Click here for more info.

Scams to Watch Out For

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) keeps track of some of the most common scams in America. Here are a few of their Top Scams of 2011 so you and your family can be on your guard and informed:

  1. Beware online “job applications” which ask candidates to fill out a “credit report” or provide bank account information for “paycheck deposits.”
  2. Scams are common on social media sites, where the information you post can help strangers seem like they know you. Be careful about what you click and post.
  3. Unscrupulous door-to-door home improvement contractors can sometimes leave your home worse than they found it. Price gouging is especially common after natural disasters. Find a contractor you can trust at
  4. Look out for check-cashing scams while buying or selling on Craig’s List and similar websites. If someone sends you a check for more than they owe, make sure it doesn’t bounce before you wire back the difference.
  5. Scammers sometimes call hotel room guests, claiming to be at the front desk and to have “lost” your credit card number. Deal with the front desk in person.
  6. Beware of offers to help restructure or eliminate debt. Not all offers are genuine, and some will charge fees then leave you owing even more money.



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