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News from State Senator Carlo Leone

March 2012

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New Stamford Transportation Center Parking Garage

ParkingThe Stamford Transportation Center is not only the second busiest station on the Metro North Line after Grand Central, but it also serves as a gateway to all of New England. Late last month, the Department of Transportation (DOT) issued a request for proposals to contractors for the construction of a new, larger parking garage at the Stamford Transportation Center, providing at least 1,000 parking spaces.

The existing 727 space garage at the Stamford Transportation Center is aging and in need of extensive repairs. Studies conducted in 2006 and 2010 found that constructing a new garage would be the most cost effective option to deal with this problem.

Alternative parking spots will be made available during construction for passengers arriving at the station. Interested contractors must submit proposals for a new garage by April 30th.

I applaud the DOT for taking this important step forward. The new parking garage will be a lynchpin of future efforts to upgrade the entire station area for the continued growth of the city and region.

Fighting Fraudulent Foreclosures

MortgagesThousands of Connecticut residents who fell victim to unfair foreclosure practices are in store for some financial relief thanks to this month’s $25 billion federal mortgage settlement. Connecticut is slated to receive $200 million from the largest federal-state financial settlement in history, money that will help families stay in their homes.

Under the settlement:

  • Connecticut borrowers will receive about $119 million in benefits in the form of loan modification relief.
  • The estimated 7,500 Connecticut borrowers who lost their homes to foreclosure from 2008 through 2011 and who suffered abuse by lenders could qualify for $1,500 in cash payments.
  • Nearly $36 million will be available to help struggling homeowners refinance their loans.
  • The state will receive a direct payment estimated at $27 million to help fund local foreclosure prevention programs.

The Attorney General’s office has posted some guidelines to determine if you qualify for a portion of the settlement.

For those who might be interested, a Homeowners Mortgage Assistance Event will be held at the Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport from 10 AM to 7 PM on March 29th. Multiple lenders will be present to help those having difficulty with their mortgages.

Allowing Sunday Alcohol Sales

Connecticut is one of only two states in the nation that does not currently allow the sale of alcohol on Sundays. Bipartisan legislation I have already supported in committee this year would finally change that.

Sunday SalesThe bill has yet to be passed by the full legislature, but in its current form, would permit the sale of alcohol on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., which enables stores in Connecticut to open earlier than in Massachusetts.

It also increases the number of stores a package store owner can own from two to three, and allows store owners to choose one item a month to sell at a 10 percent discount.

Importantly, the bill establishes a task force to further study liquor reform proposals that raised questions that were unable to be fully researched in the short Session.

Connecticut’s liquor laws have been a highly controversial subject for many years, and I am happy to see this bill move forward. I think it strikes a balance between upholding consumer rights and protecting the livelihood of mom and pop package store owners throughout our state.



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