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Photo of Senator Martin Looney.


Martin Looney

An Advocate for Us

Bipartisan Budget Deal

With our state facing tough fiscal challenges, Democrats and Republicans put aside our differences, came together and compromised to pass a bipartisan budget that meets Connecticut's needs. This budget reflects some difficult choices, but I believe this agreement is fair, draws upon the best ideas and compromises from both political parties, and represents the priorities of the residents of Connecticut.

Protects Cities and Towns

  • Protects our cities and towns from painful cuts to services and education
  • Rejects a proposal to move state's teacher pension obligation to cities and towns
  • Stands up for working families by rolling back Republican cuts to the Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Protects car tax cuts from elimination

Invest In Our Economy

  • Invests in New Haven's Innovation Places program which enables the city to reenvision our urban center and grow jobs in the innovation economy
  • Supports our local manufacturers and job training programs
  • Invests in small businesses that look to start and grow in local communities
  • Builds our emerging bioscience and green energy industries

Prioritizes Students & Education

  • Protects SCSU, Gateway, and other state universities from devastating cuts
  • Maintains a strong level of local education funding to ensure that our schools remain among the best in the nation
  • Protects college scholarships for low and middle income students

Defends Progressive Policies

  • Protects dedicated state funds for women and minority owned businesses to work on state and local projects
  • Preserves Connecticut's clean elections program which keeps influence-seeking corporate money out of our candidates' campaign budgets
  • Shields energy efficiency and green energy programs from unsustainable cuts
  • Funds programs for people with developmental disabilities