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Photo of Senator Martin Looney.


Martin Looney

An Advocate for Us

Cutting the Ribbon on the New Fort Hale Pier

I was proud to stand with state and local officials to cut the ribbon on the new Fort Hale Park fishing pier. The new pier extends 360 feet--10 feet longer than before--into the waters of New Haven Harbor and features a 140-foot T-shaped walkway at the end.

Fort Hale Park Pier.

The fishing pier is a resource that makes Fort Hale Park special. I will always treasure the memories of taking my son and grandson fishing on the pier. That's why I was happy to secure $1.8 million in state funding to repair the pier which was damaged by Hurricane Irene and destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.

I look forward to seeing so many other families spending time together, this summer, in one of New Haven's most beautiful settings.

Fighting for Dreamers

Last week, the Senate passed a bill that would give undocumented students attending an in-state public college or university the ability to apply for institutional financial aid that is paid into by all students and currently not available to undocumented students. This week, the House passed the bill, and today the governor signed the legislation into law.

Dreamers video.

Our state stands as a beacon of fairness, justice, and equality. Offering institutional financial aid to students regardless of immigration status is yet another sign of Connecticut's commitment to fairness and equality.

The Dreamers and beneficiaries of the DACA program have been here since they were very young; they put their faith in the United States and they are American in every way except for the circumstances of their birth. They are also a significant part of Connecticut's future. Students who attain degrees from public universities and colleges in Connecticut are more likely to build careers in Connecticut. I am proud to have worked with them to pass this bill.

I am proud to live in a state that supports Dreamers.

Consumer Protections for Reverse Mortgage Applicants

This week, the Senate passed my bill which aims to protect consumers applying for reverse mortgages. The bill expands the counseling and certification requirements for reverse annuity mortgages, a type of mortgage that allows homeowners to convert accumulated home equity into liquid assets.

There are an alarming number of reports of reverse mortgage lenders preying on seniors in Connecticut, especially on the elderly who are having health or mental health problems. Those who have been taken advantage of are left in a dire financial situation with few places to turn. This bill provides critical consumer protections for seniors hoping to utilize the equity in their homes.