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Marilyn Moore

Honesty & Integrity

How You Can Be Civically Engaged

Last week, I participated in a “Why Civics Matters” Roundtable with the Commission on Women Children and Seniors and the Parent Leadership Training Institute at the State Capitol. Parent leaders from across Connecticut came to talk about how they were encouraged to become involved in the community and how it has improved their lives and the lives of people around them. It was inspiring.

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I’d like take this time to encourage you to be civically engaged.

Civic engagement is when people from the general public, like you, get involved in the government process and the issues that affect the community.

Civic engagement can take many forms:

  • Volunteering at a local charity, school, or organization
  • Having conversations with your children (leaders are made at the dinner table)
  • Starting a neighborhood clean-up
  • Contacting your elected leaders and telling them about the issues in your community

Just get involved in something, anything that will make your community better.

And remember, there is a risk if you don’t take action. If you don’t speak out and get involved, someone else will and they might not have your best interests in mind. There is power in your voice.

We are all ordinary people. But we can do extraordinary things.