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Photo of Senator Gayle Slossberg.


Gayle Slossberg

Always On Your Side

Affordable Housing Reform Moves Forward

Many of you have spoken to me about your concerns with the controversial housing law commonly known as "8-30g." After months of negotiating and working on a reform, I succeeded in getting the bill before the House of Representatives, where it passed. With the leadership of Milford’s House delegation, Representative Kim Rose, Vice Chair of the Housing Committee, Representative Pam Staneski, and Representative Charles Ferraro, the bill passed in the House of Representatives today by a vote of 116-33.

The bill makes several critical reforms that preserve the important purpose of our Affordable Housing Act, but reflect the actual experience with this statute that Milford and other communities have had. First, the bill makes Ryder Woods, a mobile home community, count toward Milford's application for an affordable housing moratorium. Including this affordable, livable community recognizes the reality of housing opportunities in Milford and will bring the city very close to securing a moratorium.


Second, the bill makes affordable housing moratoriums more achievable for midsized cities. The current threshold to qualify for a moratorium is 2 percent, this bill lowers that threshold to 1.5 percent. While this goal is still very difficult to attain, by lowering the threshold we have recognized that it was set at an unattainable level, placing communities of our size at great hardship.

Third, midsized cities like Milford will be able to get a five-year moratorium for their second moratorium instead of the current four years. This will allow Milford and similar cities the time to ensure their housing stock is kept at target levels to qualify for future moratoriums.

This bill goes a long way toward remedying the problems with 8-30g that many of you have voiced. I am thrilled we were able to take this important step forward, and will continue working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle until it passes in the Senate.