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Gary Winfield

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Consumer Protection Week

This week we celebrated National Consumer Protection Week. It's important for Connecticut residents to think of themselves as smart consumers and to work to protect themselves from growing marketplace threats and criminal activity.

National Consumer Protection Week

Three easy ways for you to do that are as follows:

  • Shred Documents--You should take time to shred documents you no longer need, in particular any tax-related and health care-related materials, in order to protect yourself from identity theft.
  • Organize Important Paperwork--Many consumers have stacks of contracts they've signed that include information about warranties or guarantees associated with large purchases or various subscriptions. Whether you have your paperwork stored in a file folder, or cataloged in your email, it's important to keep records. If you ever need to file a consumer complaint, or if you ever have reason to believe that a contract of yours is not being fulfilled, your chance of recovering your money is much better if you have your paperwork organized and accessible.
  • Secure Your Online Passwords--It's a necessity today to have accounts online, but consumers need to make sure that they have secure passwords, and don't just use the same passwords over and over again for more than one account. Take time to make sure that you have good passwords that are stored in a safe place. If you can, enable two-step verification for your online accounts for an added layer of security.

Please don't hesitate to call my office or the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection if we can ever be of service to you!