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Photo of Senator Gary Winfield.


Gary Winfield

A Passion For Progress

We Talked, Now Let's Make Change Together

I want to thank everyone who came out to speak with me in person during one of my community conversations in New Haven and West Haven earlier this month. Now that I've wrapped up my listening tour, I'd like to touch base with you to provide a recap of our discussions.

Senator Winfield at a community conversation.

A common thread throughout the conversations was the desire to create dialogue across neighborhoods so that residents from different areas could organize and seek change as one community. For this, I thought it would be beneficial to list the topics of concern for each area so you can all see what you have in common.

I believe that if we all work together on addressing the issues that matter most to us, we can have a greater impact at the State Capitol.

Mitchell Branch Library-Monday, December 4

  • Need more state funding for public schools
  • Delayed budget
  • Funding for libraries
  • Regionalizing government
  • Holding state accountable; state lost sight of values
  • Come up with ways to organize within their own communities
  • Keeping people and companies from leaving the state
  • Adjusting tax loopholes
  • Inform public about ways to track bills
  • Too much state spending, not enough cuts
  • Distrust of law enforcement
  • Raise revenue
  • Opioid crisis
  • New Haven School resources being open to suburban towns
  • Medicare Savings Program

Stetson Branch Library: Wednesday, December 6

  • Need for state-wide transportation plan
  • Lack of fairness in CT's judicial system
  • Affordable housing
  • Community banks
  • Medicare Savings Program
  • Possible Bridgeport casino
  • Restructuring of workforce development
  • Opioid crisis
  • New Haven School resources being open to suburban towns

Hill Central School: Thursday, December 7

  • Informing the public on state issues
  • State budget being fair for cities
  • More state funding for New Haven schools
  • Sanctuary cities/sanctuary state
  • Attracting businesses to the New Haven area
  • Creating jobs and job training programs
  • State needs more revenue options

West Haven City Hall: Tuesday, December 5th

  • West Haven transportation system
  • Possible revenue streams to avoid budget cuts
  • Lack of public trust in state government
  • Welcoming and retaining corporations in the state
  • Funding tobacco prevention programs
  • Inform public about ways to track bills
  • ECS funding
  • Universal pre-K
  • Single-payer health care system
  • Medicare Savings Program

As you can see, we all have some common interests and I think we can build on this this to impact change.

Please note that in addition to the issues listed above, there were a number of municipal concerns that I have relayed directly to city and town leaders.

Your concerns, frustrations and suggestions have been heard, but it doesn't stop here. I encourage you to keep in contact with me by email, phone, and social media and to stay up to date on state issues by visiting