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Leone Chairs Opening Meeting of Connecticut’s Autonomous Vehicles Task Force

State Senator Carlo Leone (D-Stamford), who is Senate Co-Chair of the legislature’s Transportation Committee, today led the first meeting of the Autonomous Vehicles Task Force that will explore state and national best practices regarding the use of autonomous vehicles and prepare a report for the state legislature to consider next year.

“As technology advances, autonomous vehicles are going to help shape the future of our cities. It’s already happening at a fast and furious pace all across the country, and we want to make sure that Connecticut is on the leading edge, not playing catch-up,” said Sen. Leone. “Automotive technology is growing by leaps and bounds every day—we’ve already got cars that can self-park, or detect an accident in advance. This task force wants to ensure that whatever we eventually do regarding autonomous vehicles in Connecticut is on par with best practices across the country, while being as safe and successful as possible.”

Last year, the legislature passed a bipartisan bill creating a pilot program allowing automobile manufacturers to test autonomous vehicles (AVs) in four Connecticut cities and towns.

That bill also established the 15-member Task Force to evaluate National Highway Traffic Safety Administration standards on state responsibilities for regulating AVs, evaluate other states’ proposed or enacted laws on AVs, recommend how Connecticut should regulate AVs, and evaluate the pilot program. The Task Force final report to the legislature is due January, 2019.






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