Photo of Senator Lesser.

State Senator

Matt Lesser

Representing Cromwell, Middletown, Newington, Rocky Hill and Wethersfield

Senator Matt Lesser, Representative Kerry Wood, and Representative Sean Scanlon Release Statement Following Governor Lamont's Opening Remarks

In response to Governor Lamont’s statements on the need to enact health reforms in 2021, the Senate and House co-Chairs of the Insurance & Real Estate Committee and House co-Chair of the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee put out the following statements.

“The pandemic puts health care reform right at the top of our agenda for 2021," said Sen. Matt Lesser, co-Chair of the Insurance & Real Estate Committee. "I welcome Governor Lamont’s comments today and look forward to working closely with him as we work to pass big, comprehensive health reform. We’ll be tackling critical issues of equity and affordability, and will work to help the residents of Connecticut get the coverage they need in this critical time.”

Governor Lamont lists "affordable healthcare as a basic human right" and declares that "after COVID, we have a renewed understanding that affordable, quality healthcare is not only essential to us as individuals, but critically important for the well-being of our communities."

“I’m looking forward to working with the Governor as well as my legislative colleagues to reduce the rising costs of health care and prescription drugs,” said Rep. Kerry Wood, co-Chair of the Insurance & Real Estate Committee.

“We were glad to hear Governor Lamont reference the importance of health care reform during his State of the State speech," said Rep. Sean Scanlon, co-Chair of the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee. "In these unprecedented and challenging times, health care affordability and accessibility is a major concern for each and every Connecticut resident and we look forward to working with the Governor and our colleagues to pass a bold and robust health care reform package this session to meet this historic moment.”