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State Senator

Patricia Billie Miller

Representing Darien and Stamford

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Senator Patricia Billie Miller
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About Senator Miller

Deputy President Pro Tempore

Chair: Aging, Banking

Vice Chair: Finance, Revenue, and Bonding

Member: Education, Commerce, Veterans

Senator Patricia Billie Miller, a Stamford native, was elected to the state senate for the 27th district in a special election in 2021. She had previously served in the General Assembly from 2009 to 2021 representing Stamford's 145th Assembly District.

Through her tenure in the legislature, Sen. Miller has been a strong advocate for education reforms that help address and improve Connecticut’s education opportunity gap. She has learned and seen firsthand the disproportion of students’ achievements and the role that literacy plays in their success or failure. She believes giving teachers the right tools to help them address disparities is a step in the right direction.

Sen. Miller took the lead in addressing and passing legislation aimed at creating a Reading Readiness Program at the State Department of Education (SDE) that will assess Alliance Districts and Commissioner’s Network Schools to determine if students are reading ready and to provide adequate support to the schools as it relates to performance and needs.

In addition to working on education issues, Sen. Miller has been a strong proponent of campaign finance reform, strengthening domestic violence and consumer protection laws, and has served as a voice for vulnerable communities, advocating for the rights of marginalized groups.

Senator Miller is proud to have championed a law that took effect in Connecticut in October 2021 that requires employers to disclose the "wage range" to job applicants before or when they are offered the position or at their request, whichever is first. The same applies when an employee changes positions or whenever they request the information. The law also expands the prohibition of wage discrimination based on gender.

Senator Miller also championed a new law that took effect in 2021 that will require every school district in the state to have a reading curriculum that focuses on the “science of reading” by 2023. This 'Right to Read' act, also calls for funding that will ensure that school districts where students are falling behind can hire reading coaches. Senator Miller believes reading and writing are fundamental to the success of each and every student and with this legislation, each student would be given the same tools to learn and granted the same opportunity for success, regardless of their zip code.

Sen. Miller is proud to have championed a consumer friendly law in 2016 that allows customers to get cash refunds for their unused gift cards as a simple and fair solution when a gift card has less than three dollars remaining.

Prior to her election to the legislature, Sen. Miller spent her professional career in the Affordable Housing industry for over 25 years and served on the Stamford Board of Representatives.

As a member of the Stamford Board of Representatives, Sen. Miller served on the city’s Housing/Community Development/Social Services Committee and Education Committee.

An alumnus of the former Low-Heywood School in Stamford, Sen. Miller attended Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.