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Sen. Moore Hosts First Meeting of the Newly Formed Youth Gun Violence Prevention Task Force

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BRIDGEPORT, CT - Today, State Senator Marilyn Moore (D-Bridgeport) hosted an introductory meeting of the newly formed Youth Violence Prevention Task Force. Community leaders and stakeholders came together at the Burroughs Community Center in Bridgeport to discuss ideas for moving forward

This year, Bridgeport has experienced many shootings resulting in the death of young people. Working with Governor Ned Lamont, Senator Moore has sought more support and resources to address this critical safety issue. She spearheaded the creation of the Youth Violence Prevention Task Force, which will help to create an ongoing plan to address youth gun violence in Bridgeport with input from various groups and individuals invested in the issue.

“Elected officials and community leaders are responsible for ensuring that our community feel safe in our city,” said Senator Moore. “For far too long, too many lives have been taken due to senseless gun violence. This violence is the result of an overflow of guns into our community that fall in the hands of our youth. We need to address this problem as a public health issue. I’m confident that with appropriate funding and the input from a variety of stakeholders and members of the community, this task force can address this issue and work towards diminishing youth gun violence in Bridgeport. It’s an opportunity to create a road map for other communities who are experiencing the same issues.”

At the meeting today Senator Moore was joined by the following individuals and organizations:

Tara Gottlieb—Moms Demand Action

Brian Foley—Connecticut Department of Emergency Services & Public Protection

Nancy Kingwood--Deputy Director of Comprehensive Health Services at GBAPP

Manuel Cotto—Bridgeport Police Department

Commissioner James Rovella—Connecticut Department of Emergency Services & Public Protection

Janet Ortiz—Urban Impact

Ebony Epps—Streetsafe Bridgeport

Daee McKnight—Family Re-entry

Jeremy Stein—Connecticut Against Gun Violence

Ron Baily—Bridgeport Police Department

Dr. Paul Possenti and Ann Dyke—Bridgeport Hospital

Marc Donald—RYASAP

Cass Shaw—Connect CCGB

Callie Heilmann—BPT Generation Now






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