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September 26, 2011

Fonfara Dedicates New Little League Field at Hyland Park

New ball field completed in Hartford’s South End with state assistance

photo of Senator Fonfara with Little Leaguers

State Senator John Fonfara (D-Hartford) joined dozens of Little League players and their families at Hartford’s Hyland Park last Saturday to dedicate a brand new baseball field recently completed there.

The field was immediately put to use during a triple header that followed the dedication. The ceremony had been delayed a week by heavy rains that left the field waterlogged the week before.

"Too often, Hartford little league players have visited very nice ball fields in other towns on their away games—only to come back to play on an old, deteriorating field here in the city. Hartford kids deserve a great field they can be proud of, where they can play their games and host opposing teams. Now they have one,” said Senator Fonfara.

The ball field was constructed with $500,000 in state bonding that Senator Fonfara secured for the project. It will be used by 400+ players a year, from both the Mayor Mike Peters Little League and the Roberto Clemente Little League.

The new facility replaces an older field built in 1990 that had greatly deteriorated over time. Its design is based on another field located at Mill Woods Park in nearby Wethersfield.

Construction of the little league field included installation of new fencing, a bullpen, dugouts and bleachers. The parking lot was repaved, and a new walkway now runs to the field.

“I think the community is very excited about this new ball field,” said Tim Cheever, Commissioner of the Mayor Mike Peters Little League. “For years, our Hartford teams have played away games with other teams in much nicer facilities. It feels good now to have our own, modern facility to host out-of-town teams and to play our own in-town games as well.”



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