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October 29, 2011

Six Hartford Health Centers and Hospitals Receive New Investment

Senator Fonfara & Mayor Segarra praise $13.5 million state commitment to Hartford health care

Today, Senator John Fonfara (D-Hartford), Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra and Senator Eric Coleman (D-Bloomfield) praised Governor Dannel P. Malloy and the State Bond Commission for approving a total of $13.5 million for the improvement of multiple hospitals and health centers in Hartford.

"I am proud to have worked two years ago with former Senator Donald DeFronzo and Senator Eric Coleman to negotiate the important resources awarded today to these six Hartford health institutions. These funds will make a multitude of improvements at the hospitals and health centers which serve the daily needs of Hartford residents and others in the region. These funds will also increase the city’s growing stature in medical education, as that sector becomes an increasingly important component of Connecticut’s economy,” said Senator Fonfara.

“This is an impressive investment in the health of our community and region. The funding speaks volumes to creating jobs; emphasizing the importance of education, especially in the medical professions; and growing our local economy. This money puts the spotlight on Connecticut’s Capital City as the job hub of the state and as a medical and health leader in the region," said Mayor Segarra.

“The current round of bonding allocations is very consistent with the state interest in expanding health care coverage and making advancements in the way of health care is delivered, with a view toward reducing the cost of health care,” said Senator Coleman.

Hartford Hospital will receive a $5 million allocation for the expansion of a simulation and conference center on its campus in Hartford, which will add significantly to the hospital’s tools for medical education.

"Hartford Hospital was the site of the state's first simulation center and we haven't looked back. We thank our lawmakers for having the foresight to expand our Center for Education, Simulation and Innovation. CESI makes our region a destination for medical education, helps draw new talent to the region, and reinforces our reputation for medical innovation,” said Jeff Flaks, President and CEO of Hartford Hospital.

St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center was also awarded $5 million, to develop the Connecticut Institute for Primary Care Innovation at its Hartford location. The institute will provide opportunities for innovative models of medical training, and will serve as a laboratory for improving patient care through applied research.

“These funds will allow us to construct space and create an infrastructure for Institute activity—including innovation, simulation, and research—to help inform and shape the practice of primary care medicine during this period of dynamic change in healthcare,” said Gregory Makoul, Ph.D., Saint Francis’ Chief Academic Officer and Senior Vice President for Innovation, and Professor of Medicine at UConn. “While the Institute will not deliver healthcare services, our ultimate focus is on helping patients.”

The Charter Oak Health Center and Community Health Services, Inc. will each receive $1 million for equipment to provide electronic medical records and access to remote treatment and training centers at their Harford facilities.

“We are very excited to learn that dollars Senator Fonfara was instrumental in assisting us to attain are now slated to be released. This money will be very important in improving health outcomes for the patients we serve. These dollars will be directed to implementing telemedicine at Charter Oak Health Center, as well as improving our ability to communicate electronically for specialty services and other such benefits to our patients,” said Afreda Turner, President & CEO of the Charter Oak Health Center.

“Community Health Services is thrilled to receive $1 million to improve patient safety, implement clinical best practices and demonstrate positive health outcomes with technological solutions.  As the medical home for economically disadvantaged members of the North End of Hartford, Community Health Services is challenged to not only to keep current, but move along the cutting edge of community-based health care.  With the passage of national health reform and development of the Patient Centered Medical Home, managing healthcare information is an essential function for CHS. We extend our appreciation to Senator Fonfara, Mayor Segarra and Governor Malloy for their support,” said Kenneth Green, CEO of Community Health Services, Inc.

The Hispanic Health Council was granted $1 million for renovations and repairs at their Hartford facilities.

“The Hispanic Health Council is grateful for the effort of Sen. Fonfara and Rep. Roldan during the past year for supporting this health initiative. We are very excited to be one of the recipients of this public health initiative, as the Hispanic Health Council has become a symbol of unity and hope for Hartford’s community. This initiative will help us improve and preserve our four-story building on Hartford’s Main Street. At the same time, it will enable us to continue improving the health and social well being of all and diverse communities in Hartford,” said Jose Ortiz, President and CEO of the Hispanic Health Council.

Saint Joseph College will receive $500,000 to assist with expansion of its School of Pharmacy in Hartford. 16,000 square feet will be added to the school’s leased space, including a third classroom, a library addition, student lounge and a faculty board room.

“We are pleased to have the support of the Department of Economic and Community Development. This funding will expand upon the significant investment that Saint Joseph College has made in downtown Hartford to construct a center for students, faculty, researchers and future thought leaders,” said President Pamela Trotman Reid of Saint Joseph College.



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