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April 18, 2012

Gerratana Votes for Closer Oversight of Children in DCF Care

State Senator Terry Gerratana (D-New Britain) today led Senate passage of a bill that requires employees of the state Department of Children and Families to visit foster homes and the homes of children or youth every 60 days.

The bill was approved in the Senate on a unanimous and bipartisan ‘consent’ vote and now heads to the House of Representatives for consideration.

“This bill serves two purposes: it appropriately sets minimum time frames for checking on the welfare of foster children in their new surroundings, and it improves communication between DCF and foster parents,” said Sen. Gerratana, who is Senate chairman of the Select Committee on Children. “Foster parents have been requesting more support from and a closer relationship with DCF, and this bill will promote that though better communication and clearer understanding.”

Currently, state law does not set minimum requirements for such visits; it only requires that DCF “shall exercise careful supervision of each child” and “shall maintain such contact with the child and his foster family as is necessary to promote the child’s safety and his physical, educational, moral and emotional development. “

The bill also requires DCF to prescribe a form for foster families to use when submitting special requests to DCF on the child’s behalf (such as travel overnight or out-of-state with his or her foster family) and respond to these requests within five business days or the requests are deemed approved.



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