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Contact: Adam Joseph

March 15, 2011

Senate President Submits Testimony on SB 1—An Act Concerning Connecticut’s Energy Future

Senator Williams says Connecticut is at an important crossroads in shaping energy policy; “much we can do to control the cost . . . of electricity.”

Senate President Donald E. Williams, Jr. (D-Brooklyn) submitted testimony today to the General Assembly’s Energy and Technology Committee in support of Senate Bill 1, An Act Concerning Connecticut’s Energy Future.

Senator Williams’ testimony reads, “SB 1 is expansive in scope—it includes programs and incentives that assist homeowners, businesses, low-income residents, farmers, and state buildings. The bill also focuses on lowering energy costs overall in addition to electricity costs.”

One of the most fundamental reforms included in SB 1 is the creation of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) as proposed by Governor Malloy. Senator Williams endorsed this idea in his testimony, “This will help ensure that cohesive and compatible environmental and energy policies are created and executed. The mission of the energy side of the department will be to reduce rates and decrease costs for ratepayers, ensure the reliability and safety of the state’s energy supply, increase the state’s use of clean energy, and create jobs and develop the state’s energy related economy.”

SB 1 would reshape Connecticut’s energy future by:

  • Spurring growth in Connecticut based solar generation, renewable energy and energy efficiency projects
  • Creating innovation hubs for energy research and technology development at Connecticut universities
  • Implementing protections for consumers in the electric supplier market
  • Setting up a one-stop shop for businesses at DEEP for all energy programs and incentives
  • Finally, the legislation requires DEEP to analyze the potential for repowering the so-called “sooty-six” power plants to add to the state’s portfolio of clean, in-state generation for greater security on peak power days and base-load generation.

“We have an Administration that is engaged and interested in working with the legislature to construct common sense policies that will benefit generations to come,” wrote Senator Williams. “I look forward to working with Governor Malloy and Commissioner Esty on these important issues.”


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