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March 12, 2012

Meyer Says Connecticut Entering an Economic Revival

Unemployment lowest in 3 years; 7,100 jobs added in January alone

State Senator Ed Meyer (D-Guilford) today addressed a new report from the state Labor Department that shows unemployment in Connecticut has dropped to a three-year low, and that 7,100 new jobs were added in January alone.

Among the largest employment sectors showing growth were the construction industry, which grew 6.3 percent in January and added 3,100 jobs (thanks in part to a mild winter), the transportation and utilities sector, which grew 0.7 percent and added 2,100 positions, and the education and health services sector, which grew 0.5 percent and added 1,500 jobs.

Labor Department statistics show that over the past year, the largest job losses in Connecticut have occurred in the state and local government sector, which lost a combined 4,400 jobs, or nearly 2 percent of its workforce. “As a result of the state budget deficit, we reduced our public employee force,” Sen. Meyer explained.

“Adding jobs and dropping unemployment is great news, but it’s got to continue, and that’s what I’ve been working on and will continue to work on,” Sen. Meyer said. “We streamlined the regulatory process last year for businesses, reduced the business entity tax, and of course we made a huge investment in October for loans and grants and job-training incentives for small manufacturers. Now Democrats are looking to expand that this to another 3,600 state companies. We’ve got a lot of pieces in place to continue and expand this economic recovery in Connecticut.”

So far, according to the Labor Department, Connecticut has now recovered 35,900, or about a third, of the non-farm jobs it lost in the national and global recession which began in March 2008 and which technically concluded in February 2010.

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