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January 28, 2011

Musto Introduces Bill to Reduce Business Penalties

Bipartisan bill would encourage remediation, ease burden on business

Businesses subject to fines for certain regulation violations could be held harmless if they fix their problems in a timely manner under legislation that state Senator Anthony Musto (D-Bridgeport) has introduced.

The bill, which has garnered early bipartisan support, would abate any fine or penalty assessed to a Connecticut business by a state agency for a first-time violation if the business takes full remedial measures within 30 days. The fine waiver would apply to noncriminal regulation violation only.

“Businesses can be assessed fines for any number of reasons,” Senator Musto said. “However, when they respond appropriately, do the right thing and take quick action to fix the problem, that effort should be recognized.”

Senator Musto continued, “We consistently hear about how Connecticut doesn’t offer a business-friendly environment. This legislation would not only benefit businesses financially and encourage job creation, it would be a step toward correcting that negative perception.”

The legislation—Senate Bill 742, An Act Concerning the Waiver of Fines and Penalties for Certain Business Regulation Violations—is currently before the General Assembly’s Commerce Committee; the committee’s Senate ranking member, Senator L. Scott Frantz (R-Greenwich), has signed on as a co-introducer.

The 2011 regular legislative session adjourns on June 8.

Currently serving his second term, Senator Anthony Musto represents Bridgeport, Trumbull and Monroe in the state Senate, where he serves as chair of the Human Services Committee and interim chair of the Select Committee on Children.


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