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February 29, 2012

Senate Patches Gap in Eligibility for Medicare Savings Program

Emergency certified bill will prevent 4,100 seniors and disabled people from losing Medicare cost-sharing assistance

Today State Senator Anthony Musto (D-Trumbull), Senate Chair of the Human Services Committee, announced that the State Senate has granted unanimous passage to emergency-certified legislation that will prevent approximately 4,100 people from losing eligibility for assistance paying their Medicare cost-sharing expenses on March 1st.

“If the legislature did not take action today to correct an unforeseen legal technicality, over 4,000 Connecticut residents might have become ineligible for help with their Medicare cost-sharing expenses next month. These individuals would have regained eligibility in six months, but that would have meant hardship for them, and a great deal of unnecessary paperwork for the state. Today’s fix avoids those issues, and maintains current benefit levels,” said Senator Musto.

The State of Connecticut offers financial assistance to eligible Medicare enrollees through the Medicare Savings Program, which helps lower-income individuals who are eligible for Medicare Part A (hospital/nursing home/home health coverage) and Medicare Part B (coverage for doctor’s visits) pay for their Medicare cost-sharing, including Medicare Part B premiums, deductibles and co-insurance. This group includes many senior citizens and people with disabilities.

Today’s bill adjusts the income eligibility limit for the Medicare Savings Program in anticipation of a 3.6 percent Social Security cost of living adjustment (COLA). Without today’s action, approximately 4,100 people would lose assistance with their Medicare deductibles and co-pays on Medicare-covered services from March 1st until October 1st.

State Senator Anthony Musto represents the 22nd District towns of Trumbull, Bridgeport and Monroe. He is Senate Chair of the Human Services Committee.


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