March 29, 2019

Senator Abrams Advances Legislation Preventing Deceptive Advertising By Limited Service Pregnancy Centers

HARTFORD, CT – Today, State Senator Mary Daugherty Abrams (D- Meriden, Middlefield, Rockfall, Middletown, Cheshire) voted to advance legislation in the Public Health Committee that would prevent deceptive advertising by limited service pregnancy centers. If approved, the legislation would require pregnancy centers that offer limited medical services to advertise only the services they offer, preventing them from misleading potential patients.

House Bill No. 7070, “An Act Concerning Deceptive Advertising Practices of Limited Services Pregnancy Centers,” would require pregnancy services centers that do not provide referrals to clients for abortions of emergency contraceptives, but may perform other services such as pregnancy testing, counselling and prenatal care, from making any advertisements that promote false information or pregnancy-related services they advertise.

If a center is found to violate this bill, the Attorney General could require it to perform acts including paying for advertising that remediates the false information. The Attorney General could also impose fines on such a center. The bill would additionally require these centers to disclose they do not have licensed medical providers on staff.

“This legislation would ensure women receive the comprehensive services they’re looking for. Women are entitled to the care they deserve and should not be misled into making decisions that aren’t in their best interest,” Sen. Abrams said. “I have a great deal of respect for some of the services these organizations offer to women who are having an unplanned pregnancy and are looking for support. Being clear about what these locations do and do not offer is what we’re looking for here. We have seen some centers already make adjustments in light of this proposed legislation, which is evidence this bill can have a positive effect.”