Saud Anwar

State Senator

Saud Anwar

Deputy President Pro Tempore

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March 4, 2019

Senator Anwar to Chair Housing Committee, Receives Additional Assignments

State Senator Saud Anwar (D-South Windsor) has received his initial significant committee assignments and responsibilities after being sworn in to represent the 3rd District Friday.

Sen. Anwar’s term includes several significant leadership positions on committees. He is Chairman of the Housing Committee and vice-chair of the Public Health Committee. In addition to those assignments, he will serve on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee and the Insurance and Real Estate Committee. These committee assignments involve policy development in areas including health and wellness initiatives, standards for public and private housing, home ownership and purchasing, regulation of insurance and post-military citizens’ interests.

“I’m honored to have the opportunity to serve on committees that work to develop standards and policies that will impact my local communities in terms of constituents’ homes, health and daily lives,” said Sen. Anwar. “I look forward to getting started.”

Sen. Anwar’s assignment on the Housing and Insurance Real Estate Committees gives him a chance to fight for homeowners impacted by crumbling foundations. Many buildings and residents in the 3rd District have been negatively impacted by the faulty home foundations, and Sen. Anwar considers the issue a high priority.

Senator Anwar’s Committee Assignments:

Housing Committee, Chairman: creates policies relating to all housing and housing program matters in the state, with responsibilities including fair housing, state-assisted housing programs, judiciary standards for residences, the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority, the Connecticut Advisory Council on Housing Matters and the Department of Housing.

Public Health Committee, Vice Chairman: develops policies relating to and in recognition of all matters relating to health, including emergency medical services, nursing homes, pure food and drugs, controlled substances and substance abuse treatment, the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, the Department of Developmental Services and the Office of Health Care Access.

Veterans’ Affairs Committee: implements policies related to military and veterans’ affairs excepting veterans’ pensions. Responsibilities include care and monitoring of former veterans, veterans’ benefits and care, veteran registries and additional resources.

Insurance and Real Estate Committee: drafts policies relating to insurance and real estate law, with matters including practices and changes in industries and consumer-oriented protections.