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Saud Anwar

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March 27, 2019

Senators Anwar, Cassano Welcome State Bonding for Crumbling Foundation Assistance Fund

State Senators Saud Anwar (D-South Windsor) and Steve Cassano (D-Manchester) announced today that the State Bond Commission is expected next week to approve $20 million in funding for the Crumbling Foundations Assistance Fund, the second of five annual allotments to be made through 2022. The fund is designed to provide financial relief to the many homeowners in north, east and central Connecticut whose homes are compromised by the presence of the mineral pyrrhotite in their concrete foundations.

“I am thankful to the Bond Commission for putting this $20 million forward for the victims of the crumbling foundation disaster,” said Sen. Anwar. “We have an obligation as a state to help those who are losing their homes right in front of their eyes. I look forward to advocating for further opportunities to fulfill the promises that have been made to victims of crumbling foundations and I would like to thank Governor Lamont for recognizing this important issue.”

“I commend Governor Lamont for this significant investment in addressing the problem of deteriorated concrete foundations,” said Sen. Cassano. “This funding will go a long way towards repairing and replacing these deficient structures. I’m glad the state is stepping up and providing relief for those who have been impacted by this epidemic.”

The Crumbling Foundation Assistance Fund, incorporated in 2018, is intended to help provide relief for those whose homes have been found to contain pyrrhotite in their concrete foundations. That mineral, which has been found in a number of homes across dozens of states, causes concrete to gradually erode and degrade over the course of decades after exposure to water and oxygen. Homes built between 1983 and 2015 have been found to contain pyrrhotite, which causes irreversible damage and requires the replacement of an existing foundation with a new one, which can cost homeowners more than $150,000.

The Crumbling Foundations Solutions Indemnity Company, Inc. is currently accepting applications will issue grants to owners of buildings with crumbing foundations. Owners can receive grant money; owners receiving financial assistance through insurance can receive reduced grants. The state has pledged to contribute $100 million to the fund over the course of five years.