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Saud Anwar

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April 9, 2019

Senator Anwar, Governor Lamont Tour East Windsor Shredding Facility, Discuss Importance Of Efficiency And Privacy

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State Sen. Saud Anwar stands with Infoshred CEO Stacey J. Lombardo during his Tuesday tour of the company.

EAST WINDSOR, CT – Today, State Senator Saud Anwar (D-East Windsor) joined Governor Ned Lamont and Department of Administrative Services Commissioner Josh Geballe, among other leaders, to tour Infoshred, a document shredding facility in East Windsor. With Infoshred CEO Stacey J. Lombardo, Sen. Anwar and fellow leaders advocated for increasing business efficiency and privacy in Connecticut, with Sen. Anwar applauding the governor and commissioner for their work on legislation reducing red tape.

Governor Lamont and Commissioner Geballe announced House Bill No. 7385 while at Infoshred, legislation targeted to reduce the amount of paperwork approved by the state by nearly 100,000 documents per year. Currently, every business wanting to sell to the state needs to fill out at least seven forms. House Bill No. 7385 reduces that figure to one, making government more efficient while eliminating unnecessary work on the behalf of business owners and leaders. Sen. Anwar applauded their efforts and leadership in creating this legislation.

“Our government works best when it has the time and resources to focus on the major issues in our state,” said Sen. Anwar. “This legislation is the first of what I hope will be many bills that aim to strike back against government inefficiency, and I look forward to supporting its passage. I commend Governor Lamont and Commissioner Geballe for their leadership on this issue.”

Additionally, during a tour with Lombardo, Sen. Anwar recognized the importance of increased efficiency, as well as the importance of privacy, in business. As Infoshred offers a variety of document removal services, it offers businesses a simple and effective way to protect themselves by ridding themselves of outdated or confidential information. Sen. Anwar knows that need personally. In his career as a medical doctor, Sen. Anwar frequently deals with medical documents in context of patient confidentiality laws, and has personally used Infoshred in the past to properly dispose of documents after they become outdated.

“Infoshred offers a significant service to the residents of East Windsor and the greater Hartford region, giving businesses and residents a safe and secure way to dispose of vital documents and confidential information,” said Sen. Anwar. “Having personally used it for my own business before, I know how important privacy can be for businesses, and I applaud them for their help and support. I’d also like to congratulate Stacey Lombardo and recognize her success as the founder and CEO of a woman-led business. Individuals like her are the true success stories of Connecticut and we need to highlight leadership like hers around the state and beyond.”