Saud Anwar

State Senator

Saud Anwar

Deputy President Pro Tempore

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March 4, 2021

Housing Committee Holds Public Hearing on Key Legislation Introduced by Sen. Anwar

Today, the Housing Committee held a public hearing on several key pieces of legislation introduced by State Senator Saud Anwar (D-South Windsor) allowing members of the public to advocate and give their support to efforts making housing access in Connecticut easier and creating protections for individuals who could be negatively impacted in certain situations.

“Today’s public hearing allowed the public to add their voices to the many saying we need more housing protections in Connecticut,” said Sen. Anwar. “In addition to the effort to provide a Right to Housing, ensuring stability and comfort for numerous renters and owners struggling to make ends meet today, we need to protect victims of violence and assault and prevent landlords from taking advantage of businesses like child care homes. As well, by focusing on workforce housing development and increasing housing in the state, we can provide affordable options for the men and women in our communities working hard every day. I’m grateful to see these bills heard today and plan to vote in support upon their arrival to the Senate floor.”

Today’s public hearing focused on a number of housing bills, with some of the most prominent, all introduced by Sen. Anwar, including:

  • Senate Bill 194, “An Act Establishing A Right To Housing,” would establish a right to stable housing for Connecticut residents, fighting housing loss, increasing access to affordable housing and ensuring housing meets residents’ basic needs. Specific steps taken include funding homelessness response systems, providing counsel to individuals facing eviction or foreclosure and ending exclusionary zoning.
  • Senate Bill 48, “An Act Concerning Additional Housing Protections For Victims Of Family Violence Or Sexual Assault,” would allow someone with a valid order of protection to request their landlord change the locks to their home or be permitted to change the locks themselves.
  • Senate Bill 49, “An Act Increasing Opportunities For Workforce Housing Development In The State,” would establish a workforce development program in opportunity zones and use tax credits, fee waivers and property tax abatements to create additional opportunities for development. Workforce housing is defined as housing affordable to households earning between 60 and 120 percent of area median income, which includes community members such as teachers and first responders.
  • Senate Bill 87, “An Act Concerning Certain Protections For Group And Family Child Care Homes,” would enforce protections for licensed group and family child care homes, preventing landlords from placing restrictions on their operations.

Additionally, the hearing included an additional bill co-sponsored by Sen. Anwar:

  • House Bill 6531, “An Act Concerning The Right To Counsel In Eviction Proceedings,” would give individuals involved in eviction proceedings against them the right to seek counsel, including being provided legal representation if they are unable to afford it themselves.