Saud Anwar

State Senator

Saud Anwar

Deputy President Pro Tempore

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May 25, 2021

Senator Anwar Issues Statement Regarding his Vote Against Gaming Bill

Tonight, State Senator Saud Anwar (D-South Windsor) issued the following statement following his vote against a gaming bill before the Senate seeking to allow sports betting and online gaming:

“I have had serious concerns about this bill based on a number of issues, but primarily because this bill negatively targets East Windsor. Sections 25 and 26 look at impacting existing plans in East Windsor for casino construction that the previous General Assembly had already approved. I am upset that one of the most important economic development projects for the Capitol region has been delayed. While the pandemic may have delayed the project, the Tribes had shown every intention to implement the casino there had this agreement not been created. This harms the Capitol region’s economic development and based on that alone I did not support it. I did present an amendment to the bill which was to strike Sections 25 and 26 related to East Windsor, but that amendment did not pass on a bipartisan vote. I voted against this bill because it harms economic development in the Capitol region and there was no reason to eliminate the casino while gaming could have been initiated as well.”