Saud Anwar

State Senator

Saud Anwar

Deputy President Pro Tempore

Working For You

April 6, 2023


Today, the East Hartford delegation including State Senator Saud Anwar (D-South Windsor), House Majority Leader Jason Rojas (D-East Hartford), State Representative Jeff Currey (D-East Hartford) and State Representative Henry Genga (D-East Hartford) welcomed this week’s announcement that Governor Ned Lamont’s administration will award East Hartford with $151,137 through the HVAC Indoor Air Quality Grants Program for Public Schools to improve air filtration and quality in East Hartford schools. This is part of a $56 million grant release to school systems across the state.

Langford Elementary School will receive $74,860 and Sunset Middle School will receive $76,277 to facilitate improvements and upgrades to heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems; East Hartford will supply remaining project costs. The funds can be used for replacing, upgrading or repairing boilers and other heating/ventilation components; replacing controls and technology systems for HVAC operations; installing or upgrading air conditioning or ventilation systems; or other work approved by the Department of Administrative Services.

“Our children deserve healthy and safe schools to support their growth and leaning however possible. They can’t properly learn without clean air, which is why I’m so grateful for this investment in our schools and the future of our state’s children,” said Sen. Anwar. “I would like to thank Governor Lamont and his administration for their commitment to improving respiratory health in our state’s schools.”

“Thanks to the Office of Governor Ned Lamont for providing clean air to our students and staff. These grants will help our children stay healthy while improving their ability to learn. I look forward to continuing to support improving the air quality in all of our schools. “ said House Majority Leader Rojas.

“When CT families send their students and educators off each day and into the halls of our schools, they shouldn’t have to worry about the air they breathe,” Rep. Currey said. “Providing a safe and healthy environment remains a priority in Connecticut, and as the Education Committee Co-Chair, I remain committed to ensuring Connecticut students receive a high-quality learning experience in a safe and nurturing environment.”

“I am grateful that our teachers and students will benefit from the improved quality of air in our schools. This wise investment will greatly improve their health and the quality of learning,” said Rep. Genga.

Governor Lamont said, “One thing the COVID-19 pandemic exposed is that many school buildings, particularly those that are of a certain age, are in serious need of air quality improvements. Modernized ventilation systems provide an important public health function that filtrate the air and reduce airborne contaminants, including particles containing viruses. Most importantly, these air filtration systems will help ensure that our students can continue receiving their education in-person, in the classroom, where they learn best. When the pandemic began, we dedicated more than $165 million in our federal relief funding to make air filtration upgrades in schools. Now, with this new state program, we have a dedicated source of funding to continue these upgrades and partner with schools on these much-needed infrastructure improvements.”

The grants program, administered by the state Department of Administrative Services, was created as part of the budget adjustment bill passed by lawmakers and signed into law in the spring of 2022. The law further requires schools to inspect and evaluate HVAC systems every five years, requires these reports to be made public, and requires the reporting of any corrective action taken.