Saud Anwar

State Senator

Saud Anwar

Deputy President Pro Tempore

Working For You

May 4, 2023


Today, State Senator Saud Anwar (D-South Windsor) joined the Senate’s approval of legislation that will protect Connecticut against shortages of key diabetes drugs.

As shortages of important drugs have been seen in Connecticut and other states in recent years due to supply chain issues and production interruptions, this legislation will take important steps to ensure diabetics will be able to retain access to needed, life-saving drugs. In particular, the drugs this bill covers, dulaglutide and semaglutide, are currently included on the Food and Drug Administration’s Drug Shortages list after clinical trials showed non-diabetic patients could see weight loss benefits when taking them. Sen. Anwar, Senate Chair of the Public Health Committee, co-sponsored the bill.

“A number of drugs have been difficult to come by in recent years, which has left individuals with different conditions struggling to ensure they have a supply of their medications,” said Sen. Anwar. “This bill takes proactive steps to ensure that patients with Type II diabetes will not see their health put at risk by shortages of drugs including dulaglutide and semaglutide. It will ensure our state is prepared in the event of future emergencies that could otherwise threaten individuals’ health.”

Senate Bill 80, “An Act Concerning The Shortage of Certain Drugs Prescribed To Treat Type II Diabetes,” requires the Commissioner of the Department of Consumer Protection to ensure the state retains sufficient supply of these drugs for treatment of type II diabetes. The bill specifies that regulations may prohibit pharmacists from dispensing the drugs off-label when they are in short supply in the state.

Before the bill’s unanimous 34-0 passage by the Senate today, it passed the General Law Committee by a 23-0 vote in March. It now heads to the House for further consideration.