May 8, 2019

Bradley Speaks to Parent Leadership Training Group


BRIDGEPORT, CT – State Senator Dennis Bradley (D-Bridgeport) helped to lead a parent leadership training session held by the Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI) on how government works and how parents can let their voices be heard in government. Sen. Bradley thanked the PLTI and said it is important parents understand local and state government, as it will enable them to advocate for their children and families.

“A strong Bridgeport is a knowledgeable Bridgeport,” said Sen. Bradley. “When parents understand how government works and what legislators are doing in Hartford, they are better positioned to advocate for their children and communities. I am grateful to the Parent Leadership Training Institute for inviting me to speak to such an inquisitive, motivated, inspirational group of parents.”

The nonpartisan Connecticut Commission on Women, Children and Seniors (CWCS) created the PLTIs. The goals of PLTI is to help parents become better leaders for their children and families, expand the capacity of parents as change agents for children and families, develop communities of parents within regions of the state that support one another in skills development and successful parent action for children and to increase parent-child interactions and improve child outcomes through parent involvement.

The program lasts 20 weeks and culminates with graduation and a presentation of final projects at the capitol. There are PLTI’s across the state, Bridgeport’s PLTI was the state’s first. Sen. Bradley said this program is essential for communities like Bridgeport.

“I support the work the PLTI is doing in our state,” said Sen. Bradley. “An informed community is one that cannot be taken advantage of, used or exploited. The more we lift up programs like PLTI, and empower our parents, the stronger our state will be.”
Sen. Bradley talked to parents about how he broke into politics, what he does as a state Senator and different ways parents can stay involved with local and state government. He later took questions from the roomful of parents about how bills become laws and why it is important for them to stay informed with what is transpiring in Hartford.