February 5, 2021

State Senator Dennis Bradley Introduces Proposed Bill Authorizing Tribal Resort-Casino in Bridgeport and Sports Wagering

Today, the Public Safety and Security Committee voted to hold a subject matter hearing concerning a bill introduced by state Senator Dennis Bradley (D-Bridgeport). The bill would authorize a tribal-resort casino in Bridgeport and would allow sports wagering, internet gaming, and internet lottery.

Senator Bradley introduced the bill in hopes it will bring an economic uprising to Bridgeport and thousands of people from the surrounding areas; which would bring in revenue to the city. Under the 2021 bill submission, current and future facilities would all have to be located in Bridgeport, and new online software would have to be installed. The software would include: personal databases, a money processing center, and other collateral functions required to run online sports betting.

“I want Bridgeport to be the new mecca center of online sports gaming,” said Sen. Bradley. “By taking this bet on Bridgeport, we are betting towards a brighter future. With a central location in Bridgeport for sports betting, it is a great economic opportunity that will attract people from Bridgeport and surrounding areas. This is a thriving market and this is the time to take a chance.”

Senator Bradley’s bill, Senate Bill 570, “AN ACT AUTHORIZING A TRIBAL RESORT-CASINO IN BRIDGEPORT, SPORTS WAGERING, INTERNET GAMING AND INTERNET LOTTERY,” also seeks to create a mechanism for proxy betting within Bridgeport that allows people in other states to participate in sports wagering.