Jorge Cabrera

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Jorge Cabrera

Deputy President Pro Tempore

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March 24, 2022

Sen. Cabrera Welcomes $5.6 Million in State Bonding for Hamden Projects

Funding for Community Center, Fire House

HARTFORD, CT – Today, state Senator Jorge Cabrera (D-Hamden) announced the State Bond Commission is expected to approve $4.3 million for replacement of a 100-year-old fire house and $1.3 million in repairs and quality of life improvements to the Keefe Community Center. Sen. Cabrera worked alongside his colleagues at the state level and with local officials to help secure these funds which will benefit people across Hamden.

“Each time state funding can be allocated to much-needed projects in any community, it is a testament to involvement of the people within that community to bring these issues, needs, and concerns to local and state officials,” said Sen. Cabrera. “So in addition to thanking Governor Lamont, the Bond Commission and my colleagues, I’d be remised if I did not thank Hamden. The Keefe Community Center has had, and will continue to have, a transformative effect on our young people through recreation, education, and support. Funding for the fire house helps those who work tirelessly to help us, do their jobs more efficiently. I’m proud to have played a role in helping and always proud to represent Hamden.”

State Senator Martin Looney (D-New Haven) and state Representative Robyn Porter (D-Hamden, New Haven) were instrumental in securing these funds as well and highlighted the benefits of both projects receiving state funds.

“The replacement of Fire Station #2 has been a much-needed and long-sought-after project to modernize the facilities where our public safety officials spend every day keeping us safe,” said Sen. Looney. “Additionally, this funding will support a number of renovations for the Keefe Center, an important location for the community to gather. I want to thank all of my legislative colleagues that represent Hamden for their continuous work to make these projects a reality and Governor Lamont for approving these needed investments.”

“I could not be prouder to have worked alongside my colleagues to help secure this funding and I am thankful that Governor Lamont granted approval for the funding to modernize the Hamden Firehouse, which is more than 100 years old,” State Rep. Porter said. “Moreover, these renovations will provide a safe haven for our dedicated firefighters who bravely put their lives on the line day in and day out. I’m ecstatic that the Bonding for the Keefe Community Center was finally approved. It’s been a long time in the making and it confirms that persistence pays off. The Keefe Center is a vital staple of the Hamden/ greater New Haven community and this bonding will go a long way in making sure that the essential community services they provide will continue to be afforded to those in need.”

“These state funds we are approving for Hamden will help ensure that infrastructure for several valued resources in the town remain modernized and in a good state of repair, and I am glad that we can partner with them on these projects,” said Governor Ned Lamont, who serves as chairman of the State Bond Commission.

The Keefe Community Center is slated to receive $1.3 million for improvement projects ranging from windows, roof repair, HVAC, renovations to the gymnasium and front lobby and other modernizations to the facility.

Meanwhile the fire house’s $4.3 million is slated to be used for the replacement of the century old fire house, allowing for the housing of equipment, parking of equipment outside the fire house, a training facility and a brand-new community meeting space.

The Bond Commission will meet Thursday, March 31.