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May 18, 2019

Cohen-Introduced Legislation to
Allow Cideries with a Manufacturers Permit to Sell Hard Cider by the Glass Passes State Senate

HARTFORD, CT – State Senator Christine Cohen (D-Guilford) applauded the state Senate’s passage of legislation she introduced a bill that will enable cideries that hold a manufacturer’s permit to sell their hard cider by the glass. Additionally, this legislation will allow those with a manufacturer’s permit to also hold a catering liquor permit to allow for the catering of their products offsite. Sen. Cohen, the co-chair of the Environment Committee led debate on the floor which ultimately led to a bipartisan passage by a 26-7 vote.

“This pro-business legislation will create opportunities and update an antiquated liquor law,” said Sen. Cohen. “By providing the option for those that hold a manufacturer’s permit to also hold a liquor catering permit, residents and visitors will have the opportunity to try Connecticut-made products at various events and venues. Additionally, allowing cideries to sell their product by the glass provides equity in an industry where wineries and breweries already have the ability to sell by the glass”

Senate Bill 1000, “An Act Concerning Apple Assessments” also responds to the request of the Department of Agriculture (DoAg) in collaboration with the Connecticut Apple Marketing Board to create equity around apple assessments. Apple growers who produce in excess of 1,000 bushels pay a fee based on their yield. This fee is used to market and promote Connecticut-grown fruit and encourage tourism at orchards. An imbalance occurs and the top six growers pay the bulk of the advertising while all orchards reap the benefits. All growers came together in agreement that the minimum assessment should be $100 for those producing over 1,000 first sale units.

“This piece of the bill was born of a cooperative effort between DoAg and the apple growers across the state,” said Sen. Cohen. “These important contributions result in essential marketing and exposure for the apple industry and thus positive economic outcomes for apple producers across the state.”

Prior to passage in the Senate, this legislative proposal advanced out of the Environment Committee by a 20 to 8 vote. It now heads to the state House of Representatives for further action. If signed into law by Governor Ned Lamont, this law will go into effect on July 1, 2019.