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November 18, 2019

Sen. Cohen Recognized as Environmental Champion by the CT League
of Conservation Voters for Her Voting Record on Pro-Environment Legislation

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HARTFORD, CT – Today, state Senator Christine Cohen (D-Guilford) was honored as an Environmental Champion by the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters (CTLCV) on their annual Environmental Scorecard. This distinction is determined based on lawmakers’ effectiveness in leading passage of, and voting for, pro-environment legislation. The Senator finished with a score of 96 percent. Sen. Cohen, who is also the Senate Chair of the legislature’s Environment Committee, said she is honored to be named a champion by the CTLCV.

“I am thrilled to receive this honor by the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters,” said Sen. Cohen. “The CTLCV has been instrumental in uplifting the voices of all those concerned with environmental issues. They have been consistently effective in collaborating to accomplish meaningful agendas related to a sustainable future. I am pleased to receive such a high distinction from this terrific organization and I am committed to advocating for and protecting our environment.”

CTLCV Executive Director Lori Brown said the Senator’s commitment, courage and guidance was admirable and necessary throughout the 2019 legislative session. She added that Sen. Cohen doing so in merely her initial year was impressive.

“Sen. Cohen was a champion in her first year,” said Brown. “She led the charge on plastic bag legislation, which was not an easy battle, but thanks to her leadership, an important piece of legislation passed. We are already seeing the results of this success across the state. We need champions like Sen. Cohen to continue this momentum into the upcoming legislative session.”

Per the CTLCV’s report: “Sen. Cohen worked diligently with advocates and leadership in both chambers to pass a strong plastic bag ban as part of the state budget (HB 7424). Additionally, she also helped pass the State Water Plan (HJ 171) and introduced numerous pro-environment bills in Committee.”

The CTLCV grading scale goes from 0-to-100 percent. It is based on how legislators vote on key environmental bills during the committee period of session and on the House and Senate floor. The final score is an average of their votes on specific pro-environment bills the CTLCV has picked. Absences and abstentions are not factored into the CTLCV’s grading system.

The legislative priorities included in CTLCV’s scorecard covers a wide, diverse range of environmental concerns. The CTLCV seeks the counsel of other environmental groups, advocates and stakeholders to determine their priorities. CTLCV’s legislative victories this session includes:

  • Offshore Wind legislation (PA 19-71)
  • Plastic Bag Ban (PA 19-117)
  • State Water Plan (HJR 171)
  • Fracking Waste Ban (PA 19-112)
  • Solar Net-Metering (PA 19-35)

And much more you can read in the report here.

The CTLCV has been helping to elect environmental champions and holding legislators accountable for almost 20 years.