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Bob Duff

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November 11, 2016

Statement from Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff Regarding Post-election Events Over the Last Week

Norwalk, CT—Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-Norwalk) today released the following statement:

“Since Election Day last week and the results were finalized, the divide in America is still very real. While many are cheering at the results of the presidential contest, there are also many who fearful, angry and concerned about their future. While some will say, ‘get over it’, the emotions folks experiencing are real and raw and must be acknowledged. It would be an understatement to say that the rhetoric on the campaign trail this year was at a level never seen before. Frankly, it was beneath all of us and we need to begin the healing process in a very real way.

“Many have asked what they can do, regardless if their candidate won or lost. My answer is this—let’s all work to heal and unite our wonderful country. Let’s work to reject hate speech, violence, bullying and racism. Our country is still an awesome experiment with history that is at times blemished, but we always strive to bend the arch of justice in the right direction. While it is difficult for someone in Connecticut to affect what happens in Ohio or down south, we can affect our own little corner of the world.

“For example, Tracey and I will continue to work in our own home and teach and show our kids right from wrong. Parents have the biggest impact when they model the behavior they want their own children to emulate. We will make sure we call out any leader who speaks or acts in an inappropriate way. I’ll stay active in the schools and hope to inspire students to consider the noble profession of public service. Our country needs these future leaders.

“As a legislative leader in the state of Connecticut, I want our citizens to know that we are proud of our diversity—whether it is racial, cultural, sexual orientation or economic. We’ve worked hard to make Connecticut a welcoming place for all walks of life and I will fight like never before to ensure we are always a safe place to call home. Connecticut may be the land of steady habits, but we’ve always strived to be tolerant and welcoming of our differences. That won’t change on my watch.

“It is important that we stay vigilant and not let the dark side of politics prevail in our neighborhoods, state or nation. We must all do our part in a peaceful manner and be the example to our children and the larger community. Over time, I’m confident, our higher ideals will prevail.”