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Bob Duff

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July 7, 2017

Senator Duff’s and Senator Witkos’ Bill to Remove Barriers to Employment and Cut Red Tape Signed Into Law

New Law Reforms Connecticut’s Occupational Licensing

Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-Norwalk) and Deputy Senate Republican President Pro Tempore Kevin Witkos (R-Canton) bill removing barriers to employment by reforming the state’s occupational license laws was signed into law this week.

The law takes effect January 1, 2018 and phases out occupational licenses for jobs that don’t have educational or professional prerequisites. Currently, Connecticut has many occupational licenses that workers are required to pay a fee to obtain, even for certain occupations that have no educational or certification requirement. In these cases, such licenses amount to a fee on an occupation. This bill removes barriers to employment while still maintaining health and safety protections for consumers.

“Tearing down barriers to employment and creating career opportunities is critical to Connecticut’s economy,” said Sen. Duff. “I have heard from small-business owners from around the state about the need to cut red tape. This new law will make it easier for people to enter the workforce and earn a livelihood. I am happy to have been able to work with Senator Witkos on this important measure.”

“This new law marks an important step in cutting red tape and removing the roadblocks faced by many individuals when pursuing new careers,” said Sen. Witkos. “By eliminating unnecessary licensing fees we can open up work opportunities to more people by removing a significant financial barrier. With reduced fees, this change could also lead to reduced costs for consumers. This new law is the result of a bipartisan effort and I thank Senator Duff for working with me to develop this idea and garner the bipartisan support needed to make this concept a reality.”

The new law will eliminate multiple occupational licenses, registrations, and certificates including for the following occupations: Above-Ground Swimming Pool Installer, Uniform Student Athlete Agents, Licensed Shorthand Reporters, Itinerant Vendors License, Wholesaler’s Salesman Certificate, Residential Flat Glass or Automotive Glazier, and Real Estate Intern.